CA Final Important Questions Nov 2015 - Topics Chapters | CA-IPCC CA-Final Time-Table RTP Notes Amendments Syllabus

CA Final Important Questions Nov 2015 - Topics Chapters


Information Systems Control and Audit (ISCA):

Chapter 1:

  • Limitations of MIS
  • Decomposition
  • Discuss the potential impact of computers and MIS on different levels of Management
  • Examples of DSS in Accounting

Chapter 2:

  • Advantages of Application packages
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Crypto Systems
  • Various types of feasibility studies
  • Why do organisations fail to achieve their System Development Objectives
  • Date Dictionary

Chapter 3:

  • Anti-Virus software and its types
  • Data Privacy
  • Role of IS Auditor with respect to quality control of systems
  • Data Enscryption Standard
  • Environmental Controls

Chapter 4:

  • Short notes on Audit Testing
  • Information to be included by the Auditors in the documentation of their preliminary understanding of the design of IS controls
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Continuous Audit Techniques

Chapter 5:

  • Threats due to cyber crimes
  • Common Risk Mitigation Techniques

Chapter 6:

  • Audit tools and techniques used by a system auditor to ensure that disaster recovery plan is in order
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Phase
  • Single Points of failure analysis
  • Contents of a Disaster recovery and planning document

Chapter 7:

  • Major Challenges involved in implementation of ERP System
  • Kinds of risks that can be faced in a ERP system
  • Business Engineering
  • Treasury Cash Management
  • Various evaluaiting criteria to assess suitability of an ERP package on implementation

Chapter 8:

  • Asset classification and control under Information Security Management Systems
  • Various categories of enablers under COBIT 5
  • Software Process Maturity

Chapter 9:

  • Purpose of Information System Audit Policy
  • Various types of Information Security policies
  • What is meant by Physical and Environment Security

Chapter 10:

  • Objective of Government in Spreading e-governance
  • Appointment and duties of Certifying Authorities
  • Duties of the subscriber of Digital Signature
  • Powers of Cyber Appelate Tribunal

SFM Important Chapters with probable weightage:

#Mergers and Acquisitions
1 question compulsory
(8 - 12 Marks)

#Capital Budgeting
(10 Marks compulsory)

#Foreign Exchange exposure and Risk Management 
1 question compulsory with theory
(14 - 16 Marks)

#Indian Capital Market
8 Marks compulsory

#Dividend Policy
(5 Marks compulsory)


  1. This ain't a question on the credibility of these questions but is there any authentic base upon which this selection has been made?

    1. These questions have been selected out of the important questions provided by seven different lecturers of ISCA in various institutes.

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